If we don't care, who will? Recycle your old technology with us.

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Old technology wasting space

Let the electronic recycler clear that drawer, warehouse or closet so you can get back the space for more important things in your life.

Electronics into Tree's

When we make a profit, the earth makes a profit. For every dollar we make by your old technology, we donate 50 cents of it to www.nationalforests.org to help regrow the earths forests. That is right, 50% of the money goes back into the earth.

giving old smart technology a new home

Every day we get smarter technology but no one knows what to do with the old less smart technology. Here at the electronic recycler, we do. We're even certified by Crestron & others to clear out the old programs for a new beginning.

Data Security

here at The Electronic Recycler we have a few ways to handle your data drives. click one of the links below to learn more .


Mission Statement

since technology started coming into our businesses, homes and hands, we've seen eWaste, most though, just call it "Old Technology". Today, The Electronic Recylcer's desire is to change that by starting with you. Let us clear out your warehouse, your closet, your home or your drawers of technology not being used and dispose of it correctly by repairing and reusing at schools and non-profit or disposing of it correctly by returning it back into resources to create tomorrows technology and not dig up more of the earths natural resources.


our goal is to get technology that is no longer used, broken, bricked, locked, filling a warehouse or has never been touched so we can give it new life.

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We find a way for technology to be used. Either by schools for our growing children, non-profits or by religious means. We understand technology is important and what one might think is old, another will think is state of the art.

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This is our last resort. We focus on reusing the technology first. If we can't find a useful way for the technology to be used then we return it to it's basic form to create tomorrows technology.

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Who we are & The Art of Giving Back

We are all busy souls achieving the life we seek. However, what happens to things we want to upgrade like our technology? This is a situation where we haven't reached our full potential yet. We've recently learned about our plastics and how it can cover the earth 2 times over, technology is growing 2 times as fast and that's why we're here. We want to dispose of it correctly for a better tomorrow.

The Electronic Recycler's Main goals

  • Accept technology no longer used by you
  • Reuse your old technology for someone elses tomorrows technology
  • Protect your data as if it was ours
  • Destroy old technology properly
  • Clean the planets old technology to recycle it into new

Have technology to donate? We welcome you to click the schedule a pickup button.