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Hard Drive Facts

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Hard Drive Facts

The Electronic Recycler has 3 ways to deal with your hard drive(s). We understand your data is valueable and for that we want to make sure you are as confident as a king or queen.

Reuse The Drive

If we reuse the drives for a system that we are donating or selling, we zero out the data. The Electronic Recycler uses special programs that allows us to Low Level Format, in short it simply writes 1's and zero's on the drive and we don't just do it once, we do it twice. This allows us to be sure that it would make it hard for even the governement to get your data.

Shred the Drive

This is a paid service. We contract with a certified shredding company that takes the drives and shreds them like they were paper. It makes the drives look as if they were just a pile of scrap once they shredding is complete. After this, the metals are recycled.

Give the drive back

As long as you are donating your old computer or equipment to us, we will remove the drive for you abosolutely free and give it back for you to do as you wish. If however you need us to remove it for you and don't want to donate or you want to add a 2nd hard drive, look under our services as we do PC repair as well.

return your drive

Reuse the drive zeroing data

Destroy & return them back to raw materials

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