If we don't care, who will? Recycle your old technology with us.

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Santa Ana, CA Electronic & Computer Recycling Center

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Santa Ana, CA Electronic & Computer Recycling Center

Electronic & Computer Recycling Center in Santa Ana, CA scheduled at your convenience.

The Electronic Recycler's technicians come to your door in Santa Ana, CA and picks up any Electronics, Computer eWaste, Networking Equipment and old Servers at your Santa Ana, CA location. The Electronic Recycler provides you the documentation with serial numbers and other data about each item you donate to give you the assurance as well as security that your items are in good hands. Your Santa Ana, CA eWaste technician takes the eWaste and returns back to our Office. The Electronic Recycler then has their team sort and process each item to see if it can be reused or if it needs to be destroyed and returned into raw materials. Route services near Santa Ana, CA may be scheduled weekly, monthly, quarterly, or any combination that meets your needs. The Electronic Recycler takes the worry out of compliance with state and federal document destruction mandates. Don’t live with piles of eWaste or throw this in the dumpster causing us MORE Taxes and MORE Headaches!

Whether you are cleaning out your Santa Ana, CA home/garage, your storage facility, or Office - all private and confidential data must be securely destroyed or disposed of. The Electronic Recycler will come in your residence or place of business and either remove the Hard Drives and hand them to you to destroy or we will document them and charge a shredding fee which we take to an authorized shredding company and destroy the data. We can also reuse the drives with your permission and correct documentation to reuse them. The Electronic Recycler is your solution for Electronic, Computer eWaste, Networking Equipment and old server equipment for commercial and residentials in Santa Ana, CA , specializing in eWaste Management.

The Electronic Recycler ensures total security and complete privacy. Your confidential information stays confidential with fast, reliable, affordable and convenient service in Santa Ana, CA . All eWaste is properly disposed of, reducing landfills, saving trees, precious minerals, and improving our environment. Our truck, full of unusable eWaste, is driven to an approved recycling destruction center near Santa Ana, CA . The contents are emptied by means of special mechanical plates which move the eWaste directly to the center’s operation. Help us reduce Santa Ana, CA eWaste by donating to The Electronic Recycler letting us take care of the hard part and opening up more space in your Santa Ana Residence or place of business.

Have technology to donate? We welcome you to click the schedule a pickup button.